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    The Man Who Laughs

    ...a translucent scrim... diffuses Daniel Winters’s high-contrast lighting, evoking the faded, scratched texture of old celluloid.

    -New York Times


    Daniel Winters' lighting...create(s) a soulful beauty that is unforgettable.

    -Huffington Post


    The lighting, makeup, and stage design lead to a delightful cognitive dissonance as we see the familiar–and yet alien–visual vocabulary of silent film played out by the very three dimensional actors



    What I was most struck by, however, was how well all of the elements came together, from the acting, to the musicianship... to the spot-on grayscale visual design...

    -All Fall Down 


    ...equally important in this production is the technical work, notably the lighting design by Daniel Winters...

    -Blog Critics


    Island; Or, To be Or Not to be

    "lights by Daniel Winters... are all well-designed and appear way more big-budget than it's likely they are."

    -Theatre Is Easy